Meditation & Healing in KL

Hi friends,

I am conducting Meditation & Healing session in the heart of Amapang Hilir for free.
The Healing method is no-touch, no-drug and very effective.
I am looking for like-minded people to join my activities and share our experiences.
You are very welcome to join.

Please drop me message.

Perhaps you'd like to place an advert in classifieds as they aren't allowed on the open forums.

Hi Fred ,

Thank you :) I guess I need to make it as event so all the people can see and if they like they can join.
Thanks for the advice :)

can you share more details about the event


I'm in KL for three weeks in October and would be interested in joining the group. I'm staying with my son in KLCC arriving on the 5th. Please let me know when the group takes place and if I would be welcome.

Kind regards


Hi Anne, please check your message.


No I'm back in the uk but will return to KL around 29th December.




I'd be interested. Please pm details to me.


Hi, please let me know your place. Im suffering with some health issue. Hope you can help me.

Hi, i am new in KL. Can you please post the nearby landmark and timing of this session.


hi , please check your message. thanks

Hi Mallika, Please check your message. thank you

I didnt get any messages....

Hello everyone,

@ Nonushka

Please refer to the Classes in Kuala Lumpur section by dropping an advert. Interested members will contact you directly. It seems to be a confusion here on the thread since some members have not been able to reach out for you.

All the best,

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