Is it safe for a single woman to stay in bangsar lucky garden


I will soon be moving to bangsar , a link house with my dog. Is tbe area safe. Its jalan taban , lucky garden bangsar?  Pls reply

There are a lot of houses in Jalan Taban which are smallish linked houses. Even though you say Lucky Garden, it's actually a bit away from it, and I feel that the road from the roundabout to Jalan Pantai is a bit quiet at night and not as busy as some of the other areas of Bangsar such as Jalan Cenderai or Jalan Telawi 6,7,8 & 9. Even I think it is a little isolated.

However, I do love Bangsar and I don't know of any attacks in the area, so as long as your house has good security and you get friendly with your direct neighbours then you'll probably be just fine. It's also nice to be walking distance to Lucky Garden and Bangsar Village. I used to live in a condo at the top of Jalan Ara and walking back up from Bangsar Village to my home meant a lot of sweating because the hill is quite long and steep, so at least you won't have such a tough walk getting home.

Thanks a lot Hansson ! Yes there is a burglar alarm and I am also hoping that I get friendly neighbors.  I drive so I am assuming there should not be any problem in going around . Hope my dog is comfortable too .
Any other response or suggestion is most welcome from all .
Thanks again

Oh, and please make sure you have metal grills on the windows and good locks on all the doors. Landed property is more targeted than condominiums.

Hope you enjoy Bangsar, I love it.

15 years ago I lived in Bangsar Lorong Maarof and I have seen few snatch thief incident happened infront of me around Bangsar area. Just be careful of your handbag and do not stop if a motorcyclist ask you for direction, just walk away. Hopefully the the police will improve the security for the area. 

Not a bad place to stay. Food, entertainment, shopping all in 1 place.

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