Seeking for some english speaking friends in JINAN

I have studied and currently working in hongkong . I have been recently sent to JINAN for my business trip by the company. I am seeking for some english speaking friends or communities here....

How long are you there? Still around Jinan?

Moving to Jinan within the next month. How long will you be there?

It would be great to connect. I am looking forward to meeting new friends, locals and foreigners. What's life without?  am simply waiting for the Chinese passport regulations to reopen the gate gor new passport holders. There are several of us at my companies headquarters alone. Can't imagine how many thousands of others. I should be in the area any day. Maybe a week or slightly more at the latest. How about you? You are new. Just arrived? Waiting to arrive like myself?

Oh. I'll be there until June at least. Maybe much longer. Depends on happiness level. :)

I couldn't agree more about connecting with new friends. I won't be in the area until the end of the month, but I definitely hope to meet other expats in the area. I'm waiting to hear when my contract starts and then I will have more details on the exact day of my arrival.

I have a question I am hoping you can help me with. I'm a certified professional subject teacher. It's been my career. I have a friend who wishes to come over as an ESL teacher like yourself. It's education but it's kinda outside my realm of reference. Two different worlds in a way. Can you tell me which company has hired you and why you may have chose them? Then I can pass along the info. Thanks.

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