Work/university opportunities for non turkish speaker

Hello everybody, i hope this forum may help me.
I'm coming in Turkey in 20 days and i'm thinking to relocate.
What can you tell me about work or university opportunities for someone that doesn't speak Turkish at all?
Thank you in advance

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Hello Verapizzitola

Finding a job without knowing local language is always hard. Not only in Turkey but also all over the world. However you can improve your language in time and can deal with this obstacle. I have no information about your skills. In order to gain opportunity at local companies, you should have extra-ordinary abilities. Because tax and fees are much more higher for the foreign employees than the locals. So company owners have to think about that.
Becoming a student is completely different subject. Dozens of university are giving their lectures in English. So you can get an acceptance from one of them if you can pass their exams or you can pay the fees. When you become a student you can find and work average works like waiter, nanny etc.


Hi, i have some friends who job offer, in Kadıköy or Taksim, has cafe or restaurant.. İn all of them just persons working who are foreign,  from France, england etc. And also univercities which i recommend you are İstanbul Bilgi Univercity, Boğaziçi, Koç and Bahçeşehir Univ.

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