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I just want to ask I have 20days tourist visa in Chile can i extend that It and for how long or can it possible to have residence? Im a Filipino Citizen as of no im now im not yet in Chile but i have Tourist Visa already

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Unfortunately, getting a tourist visa from the Philippines is not as easy as getting one from the US. You really need to ask your closest Chilean consulate for help on this one. Here is the contact info
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7th Floor, Liberty Center Building 104 H.V. de la Costa St. corner Leviste St. Salcedo Village, Makati City 1227 Philippines
Phone: Embajada: (632) 843-3461 Consulado: (632) 844-4211
Fax: (632) 843-1976

I already had Tourist visa its granted

What i wanted to know is if i can extend it while im
There in chile if i want to stay more longer

The consulate would know if you can extend it from Chile and where to go in Chile to do that

tourist visa can be easily extend for another 90 days from Chile itself. more details you can msg me directly.

Thank you for the information

Hello everyone, Hello Marissa
i'm also planning to come to Chile on tourism visa after few months so i've been doing some searches...

according to searches i've done over the internet i've found this:

you can pay 100$ USD while you r in chile to ministry of interior and get 90 days visa extension ...


what people do is to take a bus from Santiago and cross borders with Argentina to a city called "Mendoza" and then return back and take 90 days visa extension...

note: i don't know if we should have visa to cross borders with Argentina or we can just get in with Chilean visa! (i'm from Egypt) (i guess we should)

i also don't know if it's possible to do this (crossing borders) with another country ? and must it be land borders or it can also be by Airport (because as Egyptian i can get into Bolivia & Ecuador by getting visa on arrival)

i hope these info helps you and kindly if you knew any info post it here because i'm interested in the same subject...

have a nice day :)

keep in mind,
Argentina visa is very difficult from Chile
a lot lot of documentation is required.
you need to have a local chilean id, with local work contract./

i would suggest if u plan for this, get argentina visa frm ur home country.

thank you so much for replying
i made my decision and i'm crossing borders with Bolivia
now i'm searching cheap flights and bus routs ...
and nearest Bolivian city or village to Chilean borders as i don't wanna get so far inside bolivia.. yesterday i found a city called "Potosi"...

kindly if you have any other info please post it here
thanks ^_^  :proud

also take note, as per my experience, you cant cross bolivia by road, please double check,
even if you have visa on arrival, it is only through main entry point, which is airport.

to cross bolivia by road you need to have visa on passport before hand.

i have met few people, who had this trouble. and they had to return back to Chile as they cudnt cross by road


i suggest you double check with embassy

for cheap tickets check

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