Banteay Meanchey

Hello fellow expats! :)

My partner and me have just accepted a job in Banteay Meanchey province. On accepting the job we were informed by the management team that finding a house to rent here would be simple however it turns out the standard of accommodation on offer is not up to our standard. We do not believe our standards are high we are just looking for a place which has hot water, air conditioning and the possibility to install Wifi. Other than that we are pretty easy going. It does not need to be luxurious, we do not need a washing machine or a western style kitchen.

If anyone knows anything that could help or can point us in the direction that would be amazing as we are struggling to see ourselves enjoying our time here if we have to live in a guesthouse for the entirety of our stay.

I hope everyone is well!

Chris Hammett

Hi Chris,

Do not hesitate to drop an advert in the Properties for rent in Cambodia section of the website so that you may get some offers. You can personalise your advert by adding Banteay Meanchey.

All the best,

Many houses in hot places don't have hot water because it isn't needed. You get used to cold showers in no time.
England is colder than most of Asia.
Air con is easy to install in most houses.
Take a look at portable hot spots to cover your wifi.

It can get a little nippy in winter, especially if, like me, you have been in tropical countries all your life. But even I manage to grit my teeth for those 4 weeks and take showers with cold(ish) water:-)

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