Apartment-House Rent agency scam

I been living in Siem Reap for Three Years. I would like to inform people about the Agency Scam.
They are not interested in finding a economical place for you, the reason is that the commission they receive from the Landlord is the first Months Rent! So, if the rent is 800 USD per month the Agency receive 800 USD as a commission. OK, that is nothing you pay, but my point is that you might have a better deal if you work out the rent directly with the Owner/ Landlord.

Very true. For a new, clean and well-located Apt. I recommend you check out the small 18 room complex I discovered. It's Helen's Home across from the Angkor Pearl Hotel (Tapul Village), behind the Korean Barbeque Restaurant (on the right side) .

I could say " Right seeing is right believing " which is ight true to life and sorry for my inconvenient reply to your post to get you bothered around and have a nice day
Best regards

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