Working visa plus working permit

Hello,i had applied a job as cleaner and my application was accepted,my only worry is how to arrive in the UK and start working before my vacancy is taken,please assist me.

It would be very difficult for a Kenyan to get such work in the UK.
Have you sent any money for visas or anything else?

No,why is it hard?

The unemployment levels in the UK are quite high, the influx of eastern Europeans from newer EU countries, and the refugee crisis is creating political problems for many people wanting to travel to the UK.
The upshot is your chances of a visa are limited.

Add the massive number of fake job ads out there, and you could be walking into a problem.
I've just come across an advert from a banned spammer on here, still advertising with the same picture of two kids and horses, claiming to be in the UK and US in different adverts, always asking for female employees.

Can I ask who the employer is mwasimba?

mwasimba this could well be a scam as uk do not give work permit for cleaning jobs..

I am sorry but i suspect that was a scam. They are known to advertise jobs and will usually ask you for a fee. Please be careful, they tried the same with a friend of mine who lives in Morocco.

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