Why Egyptians is helping females and ignoring Males posts ?

First I m Egyptian

and i believe that we are not all bad , and that there are a lots of Egyptians are helping all people ( male & females )

but the problem that a few of them giving a bad image about us , and they thing that this site and other for dating ( like linkedin nowdays )

it is so stupid

and we can't change that , only by helping all the others , we don't have to date them , help all of them
because maybe you will be in there position one day and searching for help

most of foreigners are not trusting us and we need to change that

my opinion may be i m wrong and may be right , but it is mine and what i believe

I'm 100000% supporting this topic
I think we need a big change

LOL hilarious post

Hi' man:
              FRIST, I'M EGYPTIAN
Looking first to help Egyption females!!!!!!!!!!
There are many need help.
The Egyption females don't trust Egyption males! !!!!!!!!!
And how can you ask them believe Egyption MALES

it's not their problem, it's ours
their countries don't believe our country

Sorry I am sharp unfortunately, it's truth

have a nice Christmas and Happy New year

Thanks for ur polite

Agree but u should help any body ( male or female ) to change the image which they have about us ,  right ?

Good Afternoon.
I hope that you all are well.
Since my first arrival in Egypt  from 2012 - I have never experienced this.
Egyptians and foreigners males and females have been very helpful and gone beyond to make me feel welcome in their own country.
However,  the media has targeted egypt for the past years hence why such behaviour of trusting egyptian men, extremism, poverty and women being oppressed

I just want to clear this misconceptions of the men and women in Egypt. Everywhere I have been and worked in Egypt - both genders freemix, hang out and dont have an issue of not trusting. I see them respected polite and happy.

We are all human and God brought us here to love and respect each other and Egypt has this. Never I have not seen such as Waleed quoted above.

We all unite whatever religion , nationality or gender you are - Egypt is the best.

To make egyptian female friends - theres many clubs and cafes you can go to throughout Egypt. I can recommend you many in Korba (Aswan cafe) , masr gedida or even tagamo.

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