Do Moroccans not like Europeans.  Moroccan ladies say Moroccan men hate male Europeans

I was not aware of that ! 😐

Not to my knowledge, my Moroccan friends have European and American friends who are male

This is good to know Liz. We English British people do not want  to be disliked.

Unfortunately as you I am sure know there are some British people who give others a bad name , but I find if you show respect and friendliness wherever you go male or female you will get the same back

That is ABSOLUTELY false MozarBailey. I don't know where and how your friend got that idea from, but Morocco is in the TOP5 of the most welcoming/friendly countries for foreigners.

This may be out of context as I am an American woman.
It has been my experience that Moroccan people are very welcoming to most foreigners..... European, Middle Eastern, North American, Asian.....

I will point out there is a cultural difference between how men and women socially interact. These do have to be respected. Morocco is a more formal society than a foreiner may be used to. Most Moroccan women don't spend much time in social clubs. If a man notices a woman, it is better for him to get her to notice him. He should allow the woman to arrange an intoduction or he may ask a third party to assist him. It may often take a third party on both parts to bridge the introduction successfully. Remember, If a man socially approaches a woman he doesn't know, he may be met with a defensive posture by her or those around her. This difference in socially accepted behavior between men and women, may have lead to the idea that a particular type of foreiner is not well liked. If a man wants to make male friends, that is basically the same as what he may have encountered in his home land.

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