New Development in La Ceiba

Hey guys, a friend referred a new project in La Ceiba a few weeks ago. I put down the reservation deposit on it, and they said they are expecting to begin construction by the end of the year once presale has gone through.

I've been to La Ceiba many times and the rest of Honduras, I have a few properties there too, I love the country and its people.

I looked up the project on the map and it's near the downtown area, right by the beach in an area they call Rio Maria. There were different prices from $50,000 to $65,000 (Beachfront).

I'm excited, does anyone know if I could start a business in La Ceiba? I think I will be moving soon, have been stalling the moving long enough.

Which Projet?....what is the name?

Hi Margo, the project is called Palm Beach Villas, it's recent. I reserved one of the beachfront villas. I kind of felt like I had to, it was cheap and a friend referred it to me. I looked up the location and it's close to where the police station is. I've passed by the entrance road many times in my past visits to Honduras.

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