Amateur hockey League of the city of Almaty (AHLA)

Amateur hockey League of Almaty city (AHLA) invites players from any part  of the earth to play hockey. This is the same as the hockey beer league in the US or CAnada.  You will easy get good language practice with the local guys. All players are welcome.   You need only desire to play hockey. We will help with the hockey uniform.

Hi Baur01,

Is it a special occasion ? Has a specific date been set for a play ?


No special occasion is set up. The way AHLA operates is that the  bunch of guys who share the same passion for hockey come to play hockey together. There are more then 15 teams, 2-3 teams are sort of pro level teams, many guys played in advanced level. 4-7 teams are about solid amateur hockey level, the rest 3-5 teams are about  entry level teams.

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