Residency/bank account

Hello everyone, my name is Amr, i'm new here, i'm 29 Egyptian man. i would like to thank you in advance for any kind of help or advice you give to others...
i'm seriously thinking to move to chile, but i have no idea from where or how to start (i'm lost -_-)
my working ex. is so lame and i don't speak spanish (good grammar zero conversation).
i have some savings but unfortunately i (as a foreigner)  can't open a bank acc. in chile. i have no idea about chilean job market... etc

so here is the thing... i was thinking maybe the safest and easiest way to get residency visa, be able to open a bank acc., be able to have a drivers licence and have someone to help and guide me... etc is to get married to a chilean citizen but just "paper marriage"...

i want to know if there is such thing in chile ? and what do you think guys ?

thank you...

Salaam Amir.
I met my fiance in Colombia but we are looking at Chile or Argentina because he doesn't want to stay in Colombia. The best option is to take the chance and go there. Everyone has a personal opinion about a place based on the feelings it gave them. You will only know.. if you are there in person.

Hello neighbor (nuhope) ^_^
thank you for replying
i hope everything go well for you and ur fiance ^_^

Hello everyone,

@ AmrMostafaMahmoud, welcome on board  :)

Just to inform you that this new thread has been launched from your posts on the Chile Forum so that you may get some feedbacks easily.

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