Investigating moving to Hungary

I'm just beginning to look into moving to Hungary, I was born in Budapest but my parents left when I was 6 month old and have never been back, 60 some years. I'm interested in Szeged.

Wowie, even if you speak Hungarian, after 60 some years it is going to be a total shock to your system as a senor aged person!
My husband left HU at age 23 and visited HU at least 10 times before we moved here to retire.
He is now 68. He gets upset sometimes because he understands everything spoken in Hungarian but he doesn't understand a dam thing about the people or how they now think and act.
He is worst off then a newbie who knows nothing about HU.
Medical care is not as good as the west even with the national health, they put off expensive tests etc. sometimes that could lead to serious issues as a senor to not be on top of a issue with ones health.
Prices are cheap enough but then again you would have to adapt to living like a local, if you still want to live like a western person then it is going to cost the same or more then in the west.
Would be interesting to know where you have been for the past 60 years.
Have you ever even visited HU?
One thing I can honestly say, we have been here off and on for awhile and seriously  thinking of going back to the US before we get really elderly. Do not want to be at the mercy of any medial staff in HU.
Not going to get into it but it isn't exactly great to be in hospital and not have an advocate watching out for you.

tibor033 :

I'm just beginning to look into moving to Hungary, I was born in Budapest but my parents left when I was 6 month old and have never been back, 60 some years. I'm interested in Szeged.

Were your parents Hungarian? (Seems like a silly question, but just considering possibilities like they were diplomats when you were born).

If they were Hungarian, do you have your Hungarian passport? If not, first, you should get it (it is automatic -- no Language test required). This way you can just try out Hungary for any length of time (say a year) and see if you like it or not. Else, you will be limited to just two 90 day visits in a year which will not get you much of a real "feel" for the place to decide on a permanent move or not.

Szeged is in the Hungarian plain. Hot humid summers, very cold winters. Politically left leaning. A lovely city. Good cultural life and events. But God or the Devil will be in the details. Which is why I suggest try it first before committing a full time move.

Exactly my way of thinking. Live here for a year or more then make up your mind, actually maybe even 2 years.
We have been coming back and forth to HU for 20 or more years, never can stay here more then 20 or so months before I start to lose it.
Have to get away and then reflex on HU.
So many really nice things here and just so many "Messed up" things that finding the middle ground is not always easy.
I will turn 62 mid Dec. and find these last 18 months or so to be a strange change of mind set. Getting old really is a totally new adventure, not for the faint hearted at all! HUngary is not exactly a "senior friendly" place.
Not sure the about the exact statistics but one can not find many HU men  living past their 60's.
More old women then men here.
I am not messing around, we have been to or heard of funerals for tons of HU men in their early 60's here in HU. So many people we used to know here.
Even those who lived in the west but had close ties or  wives from HU.
Not sure what that is all about but seems it is rare for most HU men to live a long life.
Most we knew had alcohol issues,know at least a half dozen or more who died here in their early 60's from booze related issues.
These long, cold, DARK damp winters are not exactly great for an aging mentality. Even a few friends who married younger women and had kids went out with booze , depression with the winter months.
We have known people who moved back to HU and then moved back to the US. Allot poorer for the move. I would say put your things in storage, spend a year or more in HU then make a move either way.

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