British compounds in Jeddah, KSA

I am relocating with my wife to Jeddah KSA from England and i am looking to ensure she has a good experience . While researching compounds I have a good idea of what they are like but I am looking to understand which compound has a  reasonable English speaking contingent, can anyone help please.

We can accomodate you in western compound
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Thank you

Arabian Homes - Sierra or Andulus compounds (there is a 3rd but can't remember the name)

Basateen - though only about 1/2 is English speaking now I believe


Also Lotus compounds though they are smaller....

You could also look into you joining the British Business Group and her joining the British Women's Group.

Thanks, I have a friend on sharbatly, and I had a look around in March. It does look ok but I want to check out a few other places. I fly in Sunday and in a hotel for a while, may end up in a local appartment while I find a compound .  I have a decent allowance that could get to three bed ,but may be happy with 2 bed apartment. Want a bit of grass for BBQ and socialising.
I have heard it's a bit of a pian and waiting lists, but hey ho will be what it will be

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