Body donation

I recently heard of a scheme whereby you can donate your body to Mater Dei, absolve your estate from funeral expenses and continue to serve the community after death. Apart from having to notify a notary to this effect, does anyone have any further information about this?

I came here on a "buy and die" plan and do not want to leave a mess for someone else to clear up and would only consider attending my own funeral over my dead body.

I understand it is done by notifying the University to register  your intentions and then they need to be notified as soon as death occurs. I think they still ask for a donation as they will still have to dispose of the body when they have finished with it. All a bit grim really. I'll try and find the link to the info.

Found it,  take a look at

It's something I was considering.


Many thanks.
In England I feared that my body might be in a severe state of decomposition before any one noticed my absence and then probably only on account of a forced entrance to read the electricity meter. Here there is more sense of community, so I hope things may go a little better post mortem, as I once had to clear up after a body left to decay in a caravan during a heatwave. The nightmares lasted several years and I would not wish that on anyone else. It brought "cleaning up other people's mess" to a whole new level.
I have to admire those who take this in their stride as a part of their work.

I believe that when we die - we are dead. Nothing else.
So, in fact I do not even care so much what happens with my body afterwards.
Least I want is to have a grave plot which someone else has to take care of.
Donating the corpse is a good idea, so I'd be even (or at least  :P ) useful afterwards.

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