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I hope you do not mind me posting but I am trying to contact people for a new UK based Television programme I am working on.

I am a Producer/Director working at the BBC in London and we are making a new 6x60min series that is essentially about two people swapping lives. It will be on TV in April around the world.

We will film one UK person swapping their lives with someone from another country for ten days. We have already filmed two of the episodes and are now looking to start our third in Japan.

What we are looking for is a woman with an adventurous nature, that speaks English and is interested in coming to Britain to see how we live here. They have to have someone in their lives that would be the host for the UK person while they were in Japan for the swap.

While the person from the UK is in Japan we want them to experience the culture and customs of the country and feel like they have become the person they have swapped with for the ten days.

We have had a great repsonse from expats for our previous episodes who know people in the countries we are filming in and perhaps you know someone who could be right to get involved. If you think of someone that is interested in finding out more then please contact me at darren.lovell[at]

The first step would be to arrange a chat on the phone  and to talk about the project in more detail.

Just to be clear we are looking for a woman, 45+ years old, who has a nice lifestyle and is keen to come to the UK - they would need to be available at the end of the month.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

Darren Lovell
BBC Creative Label

I see about a million interested people lining up for this one.

Please remember - contact details by PM only, not on the open forums, please.

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