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Hi am Joyce,am planning to come to Sydney and specialising in My career.and it's sad that I have made a choice to leave the good job I have worry is will I afford a one bedroom house? And how much will it cost me outer suburbs of Sydney.

Hi Shiqoh k,

Welcome on board  :)

Till members provide you some infos, i recommend you read these 2 articles :

- Finding a Rental in Sydney

- Accommodation in Sydney

You may also browse through the existing adverts of the Housing in Sydney section so that to get an idea about pricing.

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Thanks dear.what about the jobs any idea?. I want to come study nursing do you think my job has demand there and for how many years can I work there after degree.

If you are on student visa you cant work much, some visas allow up to 20 hours a week.  You will not just worry about paying rent but medical insurance, prescriptions, travel and your student fees.  If you have a good job I suggest you think twice before moving, jobs are hard to find and your written English language is not very good.  Just my opinion but what you do is up to you.

Hi Shiqoh k, there are a lot of nursing jobs in AU. My partner is a nurse. She worked overseas for many years before moving to AU with me.

If you have sufficient funding, studying Nursing in AU is a good idea. AU has high standards for patient care. You may be able to work part time as a nurse assistant while you study. Your Uni may coordinate clinical placement in the final years of studies. Once you finish studies, you may be eligible to apply for PR. Even otherwise, you'd be able to get sponsorship if you are ready to work in remote locations for a couple of years. Good luck!

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