Festival Ancenis

Illustr'Loire, an association of St Thomas d'Aquin vocational school, organizes this year again a festival of illustrators. This is the third time and it has been a big success until now, thanks to our sponsors.
We wish to invite English-speaking peole ( and others!!) to join us on October
A coffee shall be offered to you and an English-speaking person shall help you and visit the site with you.
Please do not hesitate. Come to :
Salle de la Charbonnière
on the river Loire
On October 8th and october 9th 2016

en français s'il vous plait ,ici c'e st un forum francophone l'anglais est proscrit ,mettez vous évenement ici … ce/nantes/  en anglais   jean  luc  ;)

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Please note that your thread is now on the anglophone France forum. I recommend you drop an advert in the Events in France to promote and share information about the festival. Members will be able to notify their attendance/participation in the dedicated section.

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