Motobike from Switzerland to Vietnam

Hello, I will live for a long time in Vietnam and working for a Swiss company. Now I wants to send by air freight to Vietnam my special motorcycle out of Switzerland. My question: Is it even possible to drive an approved motorcycle in Switzerland in Vietnam?

You can bring your vehicle  if it comply with the customs and import goods rules but hassles is a must :D

:) Ok, I understand .... thx

Add to the customs and other import hassles, the difficulty of finding parts and qualified mechanics to work on a rare if not unique vehicle in Viet Nam. Also driving with out a VN Drivers license is a very bad idea. But, getting a VN DL is not especially difficult … -vietnam-2

What if I do not apply for a Vietnamese driving license?

We strongly recommend you must hold a Vietnamese driving license or temporary license converted from international driving permit because the penalty for not holding a driving license when you drive can be harsh: from 3 years up to 10 years in prison if causing accidents, and even 20-year sentence if accidents causing death.

For more details related to procedures on obtaining a driver license in Vietnam, please check out the official website of the Department of Transport! … namese-one

Thx, for this informations. I have a international driving permit - and know for me it's clear: I will buy a motocycle in Vietnam.

Your National Drivers License will allow you, for a minor charge and minor inconvenience, to obtain a valid Vietnamese Drivers license. Except for ASEAN, and this is  part of the treaty required for ASEAN membership, foreign Drivers licenses are not recognized.

I actually obtained an "international driving permit," a few years ago in America. When I was back in Viet Nam and showed it to a local Policeman and friend. He told me. " Every policeman in town knows who you are. None of us are ever going to stop you unless you do something really stupid."

After thanking him, I then asked him, "What if I get into an accident and it wasn't my fault."

He answered, "Good point. With no Vietnamese DL you would be automatically found guilty in Court because the accident would never have happened if you were not illegally driving.

Viet Nam in a nutshell!   

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