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Can any body tell me, if i could find a yoga teacher in sri lanka ( in galle/ colombo).

Hello Katja.nim!

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We have a field named, Yoga Classes in our Sri Lanka Classifieds. Droping an advert in that section may help reach out to more subscribed members.


Tks kenjeee.. :)

Try the kumbuk cafe in Colombo...there is a yoga teacher

Thanks Anna

You mean prana Lounge. I was there 2 times, uta was my teacher, she is also from Germany
Do u know any other Place, where there are not many students
I have also been to bodybar & om Space in Colombo, i prefer small classes

& i am also a yoga teacher

I like to do yoga under diferent teachers & also conduct yoga sessions for other students

Do u know any place in colombo, where i can have my sessions ?

Hello Katja,
No sorry i don t know place where you can open a yoga session.
I just know an other adress :


If you want a place to have your classes, you can have it in my apartment

ya there are lot of them, but make sure to get some one real. cause once i tried it was just businees that guy is doing to get girls for his use.

but there are some, one is runned by a lady in colombo in a temple, it has a lot crowed, try it i think its in colombo 5

If you want to start I can help You.

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