Documents for renting

Hiya all,

I thought it would be front and centre, but I went back a few years and couldn't find any reference to the documents needed in order to rent a house or flat in Malta. My wife, being Brazilian, is a little worried about what they need (they have some crazy scheme where you need a guarantor and tons of stuff).

So, what do we need? I assume :

Passport copies?
Any type of bank statement, or proof of income?

We may have shown a passport but I don't really recall being asked, otherwise the only thing needed was MONEY.
Agree and sign the lease and that's it.


We needed our passports - our lettings agent made copies on the spot and that was it.

We needed our passport (actually, just the passport number), 1 month's rent as a deposit and 1 month's rent paid in advance. That was all, so not much to worry about.

We also only needed to show our passports (as proof that we are "good" nationals), half of a monthly rent as commission to the agent and one month's rent in advance for the flat.

I went through Frank Salt estate agents. Passport, I month rent deposit + commission which is refunded if you also buy through them, which I am.

With Dhalia just our passports. Half the month's rent to pay to Dahalia and a month's rent as deposit. 70 euros a month to landlord for elec and water. Landlord signed form H for ARMS there and then. Contract is for a year.

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