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Hello everyone
I am from Canada born and raised here with a Maltese background( my parents were born in Malta)My husband was born in Portugal. We applied for his permanent residency in Canada but was denied because he overstayed his visit. We have a 3 year old son together. I miss him so much but don't want to move to Portugal. I would rather live in Malta since I have a lot of family there and they do speak some English there as well.
Does anyone know what our chances are for being accepted in to Malta considering my father is born in Malta and my husband is from a EU country.

Since you're married to an EU citizen you are free to work and live in any EU country (including Malta) with your husband. You might even have a right to a Maltese passport since your dad was born in Malta.

Hi,  My suggestion would be to call the Maltese Consulate in Toronto for advise.  You father can apply for dual citizens ho and the you can apply also.  The forms are available on the Internet. 


You do have a right to a Maltese passport- it's either parent. It's quite easy; you need your birth certificate, passport and a photo and your mum's marriage cert, birth cert, and father's birth cert and passport (though my dad is not Maltese I believe I need to show this too). Here in Malta you go to the Dept for Citizenship & Expat Affairs, take an oath and pay €35. How long it takes is another story :). I have yet to do ur. Perhaps you can also do it from Canada.

You need to become a Maltese citizen yourself first, talk to the Consulate of Malta in Toronto on Dundas str 416 207 0922 and they will direct you, you will need birth and marriage certificates of your parents, once you become Maltese, then you can already move here and your husband. The other alternative is your husband will come to Malta and get residency (should be easy being from Portugal) and then you will be able to move to Malta with your child and unite.

Thank you all!!!  You gave me some great info. Maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel for me and my family.

She doesn't need the passport to move if her husband is from Malta, they literally just turn up and then apply for a permanent VISA from what I understand. Though they will need to state how they will support themselves, as I think you can't be a jobseeker without funds in the bank, unless you have already been employed or some such.

Her husband is from Portugal. Canadians can stay up to 3 months without a visa so the initial move is not the issue. She was wondering if she is entitled to citizenship as her parents were born here, which she is.
Coming for a couple months first might be a good idea- when was the last time you were here, Teresainc?

Since your husband is from Portugal you may also apply for Portuguese citizenship. Once you get it, as an EU citizen you are free to move, live and work in any EU country for as long as you want, without the need for visas.

I want to go the other way my entire immediate family is canadian citizens, i left when i was 18 and lost permanent residency. The canadian immigration system is a nightmare to navigate and although they promote family reunification it is only for a select few.

To answer your question though you can live and work in the EU as your husband is an EU citizen

Nange i do not know where you got your information.  I moved to Malta from Canada and received my Maltese citizenship.  I needed to provide my father's, grandfather's and greatgrandfather's birth certificates to obtain my citizenship.  I employed a genealogist to get my grandfathers' birth certificates.  I did have to provide a copy of my mother and father's marriage certificate as my mother was born in Scotland and they were married there during the war.  That was easy to get on my own.  As for the cost, it cost me, not sure, but it was close to 150 euro.  Also, it is my understanding that you can only get your Maltese citizenship if your paternal parent is Maltese.

Changes to the Citizenship Act, 2007
Either parent. It would be pretty absurd if one couldn't obtain citizenship through one's mother, when they are now selling citizenship.
Even for Malta that would be pretty unfair!


You employed a genealogist in Malta? You can just walk or email the registration office and they would give you a copy for what 2 euros?

Anyways. My wife is Canadian and we lived in Canada for many years and came back to Malta. Hated all that throwing the book at you whenever I required some service paid by tax payers money. Its just too cold in more than one sense, sorry just my personal opinion. You and your husband are more than welcome in Malta. You would get 3 months visa but due to your husband being an EU citizen it would be automatically extended until you get your own ID. Its more the time it would take them for you to get your ID which should be done within the first three months anyway. As long as your husband has a Portugese passport he can just start working in Malta from the day he lands. Eventually he will also require a maltese ID since you would be paying taxes in Malta. Otherwise do get in touch should you require any assistance.

From here should you ever decide you have a choice of 27 other countries.

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