English to Spanish


I am looking for someone to practice Spanish with. I have average Spanish coomunication skills but not enough to convey what I truly want to say fuently.

Any subjection....

While you’re waiting for a practice partner to appear, check out the thread “Shortcuts to español” on the Ecuador forum.  There are various language tutorials posted over there....

There’s a separate thread on the Ecuador forum titled “español for Gringos.”

  -- cccmedia from Medellín

Send me a PM. I'll have some conversations with you. I'm not a native speaker, so I can't promise you I'll always be grammatically correct. But I had four years of H.S. and university Spanish, several months of intensive Spanish training from the government, and I've been all over Central America, Ecuador, and Colombia.

And writing is a great way to practice. I have an easier time when I'm writing an email, for example, because I get to pause and think of how to properly say something. Whereas, when I'm in a conversation, it's a bit more difficult for me to talk and think about what I'm about to say at the same time. Guys aren't always the best at multitasking. :)


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