Looking to make the most of my time in Cairo

Hi, my name is Maria and I am new to Cairo.  I work as a Speech-Language Pathologist in the 6th of October city.  I spent July and August working at the north coast, so I've only been in Cairo for a couple of weeks now.  I haven't ventured too far yet.  I would like to venture further.  I'm looking to meet people from different cultures and make friends.  I'm NOT on this site for dating purposes!!

I'm originally from Canada, southern Alberta.  I spent last year working in Saudi Arabia and this year, I'm in Egypt.  I work with a family with 3 boys who have language difficulties.  In my spare time, I am a fibre artist.  I like weaving, beading, kumihimo, and lately, Zentangles.  I like to learn about new cultures and languages.  I would love to work on learning Arabic.  Egypt has a very different dialect of Arabic than Saudi Arabia.  I also love talking about history and world events.

I would like to connect with people for friendship and networking.  Please feel free to contact me. :-)

dear friend

  you are welcome , consider me as a friend if you need anything in egypt

Thanks, I may take you up on that.

I'd be interested to have a conversation with you about my country generally and history specially
I'd also be glad to take your boys in a tour around cairo

hello, i tend to spend my spare time to discover new types of art, so if we can exchange our knowledge about arts and living and culture in egypt..

Very well said Maria. Looking forward to hear from you.

enjoy your stay.

U r welcome  ..
I'm omar and looking to be friend with u .. By the way i love Canads so much .. And wish to meet u soon

Hi Maria
I live in october too used to give speech and language sessions to children in a local NGO here but stopped for personal reasons
I'd love to me you
Please send me if you're interested to meet


I loved to find out about Egypt and its rich history.  I don't actually have 3 boys.  I work with 3 boys who are from Cairo.


What type of Arts are you interested in?

Hi Maria , i am a Singer if you wanna spend a good time at nice places , listening to a good music , just give me a sign ..


art in general specially contemporary arts and foreign movies, and very excited about discovering new waves in art, but i am playing blues, and trying to involve in music production.
and u ?

I like both classical and contemporary art.  I consider myself a contemporary artist in that I work in fibre.  For work though, I am a Speech-Language Pathologist.

So cool, I am offically engineer working at the university but I have involved in art long time ago, and I am working in a workshop for custom made bikes and do u have a space here in egypt ?, cauae I was so interested in using alternative material in making some dayly use objects like bycicles and boats, we have made a bambo bycicle and willing to make bambo boat, and I think it will be something nearby from ur interests, I have many ideas but looking for someone tend to this field, so contact me and let share our skills and how to make something really artistic.

Hi Maria,

I'm Ahmed, my work is near by near the toll gate. I love to draw myself and used to do pencil arts with shadowing and effects. While now more into reading about politics and history. Very well fonded with the Islamic literature here in Egypt and Spain! Coptic monuments too here in old Cairo. It will be nice to communicate further.

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