Anyone wants to open network?

Hi there,

I'm Minh - a 24 years old Vietnamese Marketer for a system of International schools in HCMC. Anyone want to open network (for being friends or bussiness partners) can comment or send me your private message (I'm single and available too haha)
It's good if we arrange and meet up on Sundays, discuss ab music (I can bring my guitar), life and share our business ideas or even this bad weather of Saigon.

I have interesting things for a educational project so welcoming anyone in this field to be friends.

Nice to meet all of you,

Minh Huynh

Hi MH,

We exchanged messages yesterday, I am business minded as well as music minded, if you want jam at my place, let me know, or sing a Van lang Singing Bar or Cong Hoa army hall singing bar. let's meet.

Have a good day................Des     hd375c

Okay Des, let's keep in touch and arrange someday to meet up.

Nice day!

Uhh, you way too smart for me.

Hi, may I ask what school you are marketing for? My daughter attends an international school here ... just curious :)

huh? What do u mean?

Now, I'm working for The Western Australian International School System. They located in district 3, Australian program from K-12, IBDP & Advanced Placement program also.

Which school you choosed for your child? I can give advice  if i can. Of course no advertisement for my company haha

My daughter has been attending VAS for 2 years (now in her 3rd year). I chose it because I wanted her to be fluent in both languages (Vietnamese and English). We have really loved the school so far.

Yup, VAS is value for money and they have a lot of campuses all over HCMC. It's easy for transportation.

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