What Is la Diada - Catalunya Day 11/09

The National Day of Catalonia known locally as La Diada or La Festa Nacional de Catalunya , marks the anniversary of a military defeat. Catalan troops fighting the Bourbon King Philip V of Spain during the War of the Spanish Succession were defeated on September 11th 1714 .
That meant a loss of liberties for Catalans. Catalonia was forced to renounce to Catalan as an official language and Catalan´s institutions lost their power to become part of the Spanish government.

Every year floral tributes are laid at the statue of Rafael Casanova (in the small square at the corner of Ronda de Sant Pere and Carrer d’Alí Bei) and at Fossar de les Moreres, next to the church of Santa Maria del Mar, where 4000 people lost their lives defending the city.

But what used to be a celebration of Catalan culture and identity is now becoming a political event to claim Catalonia´s right to vote on independence from Spain. A considerable part of the Catalan population want full independence from Spain and there are many nationalist organisations that organise events....

Source Link : What is La Diada – Day of Catalonia 2016

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