Opening a company in dubai

Hi there, I am new to this forum
I was wondering costs and condition to open up a company in Dubai
Any information would be of great use! Thank you in advance!

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Hello Mmmila :cheers:

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Hi Mmmila

It takes around 15-20k for the setup of Onshore Company and Bank Account.

Visa costs are around 7-8k with the deposit for one person.

Thank you


Dear Madame,

My advise for you is that you need to stay for some time in here and seek the right business field for you and do a deep analysis Financial,Economic,...etc

Then you will see the Full picture, don't spend any money just study the situation.

Good Luck

Nice cause i have same plan.

one- you can open a company with your own freezone license or open an est. with a local emarati as a partner. (a partnership with a local will have very low initial costs but will have dues towards the emarati partner. the amount and frequency will be mutually agreed contractually)

two- there are several freezones here in UAE. each have their own costs, conditions, and limitations. the cheapest freezone currently is Ajman where your startup costs will be around USD. 10,000-15,000 depending on what type of company you want to open.

i recommend you go through an agent (like myself) who can arrange everything for you. it costs some amount but the fees guarantee that the correct paperwork is filed and the process is done much quicker.

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