Hi .. new to TEXAS from TO - Driving licence + Area to stay?

Hi all,

Toronto native will be moving to Dallas, TX soon due to work in the tech industry. I worked in Plano, TX a few years ago so TX is not entirely new to me but this time I'm relocating instead of a short stint.

Wanted to ask you guys about getting a TX driver license and getting my vehicle registered. Do you know if Ontario class G can be swapped for a full TX license? i.e. not learner's permit etc?

Second - what are some good cities in/around Dallas? My office is in Richardson, TX. Are there good neighborhoods there? I'll be renting primarily for now.

I will have more questions but that's for starters.

Just wanted to introduce myself.


It will be a case to case basis and what I'm telling you will be based on my experience. I have been living overseas for 10 years, and at that time I was prior military with the US Armed Forces. Before I left I had a Georgia license, which expired when I was outside the US. When I came back and went to Texas to get a new license I showed them my expired US license, my Japanese license and my Germany license. Sure enough when I showed them all 3 they renewed my license on the spot. The DMV stated since I was overseas my Georgia license was not considered expired. Now on the other hand my ex wife had only a Germany license, they made her take the test. On registration if you are bringing in a vehicle from out of state and want it registered in Texas and get Texas plates, there will be a fee. Just visit the local Texas DMV

Arlington is nice you have Six Flags, Fort Worth, Austin is nice, and the surrounding Hill Country, but that's way south like 2-3 hours plus factor in traffic on I-35.

Yes you can exchange. Look at this site from the Texas Department of Public Safety!

Among further information it states; “Adult (18 and Older) applicants who have a valid, unexpired driver license from another U.S. state, U.S. territory, or from Canada must surrender their out of state/country driver license and are not required to take the knowledge or skills exams.” … otexas.htm

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