Registered partnership in France

Hi all,
I have a situation which need to be adviced. My boyfriend used to live in France and during that time he had registered partnership with a girl (the couple lived together and registered with authority).

Now he lives in Vietnam and wants to marry me. My questions are:
- Is he free now to marry me or he needs to do some more actions relating that registered partnership?
- what registered partnership means ?( In Vietnam, we just married or unmarried, don't have a 'registered partnership' concept so I don't understand)

Thank you for reading this post and hope that I can get the right answer here.

Hi Nhi,

If your boyfriend entered into a PACS agreement in France then this is a civil partnership but according to French law the partnership is annulled if one of the partners marries.

If one of the PACS partners was born in France, and then they marry, the authority holding official information on that partner makes the necessary declarations so that the partnership is annulled on the date of marriage.

Therefore, it can either be done in advance, with your boyfriend and his ex making a declaration of separation, or it can be annulled on the date of your wedding as long as the authorities in France are informed.

Hope that helps!

Thank you very much for your answer Jo-Ann!

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