Canadian Citizen info about visa. One year or one month?


I am coming into Vietnam and I am a Canadian citizen. Do I need to get the one year visa like the USA ? can a Canadian get the one year visa or just the one month and the three month tourist visa.

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if you're Vietnamese ask your travel agent if they can get a VEC for you if it's still available.

I am Canadian not Vietnamese but thanks though :)

Contact the Vietnam Embassy in Ottawa for all the latest visa information.  Visit its web site.

I recommend that you pay the little extra and get a "DN" visa from that embassy stamped into your passport before you travel rather than using the Visa-On-Arrival process. Try and get a min. 6-month DN visa, but a 3-month (if available) is also useful. At worst, get a tourist visa. It depends on how long you wish to stay in Vietnam for business reasons. You can always change it once you are here and once you have a better plan in place.

FedEx Canada offers a secure overnight (or 1-day) passport service which can held speed up your application process. Follow the application details carefully on the Vietnam Embassy (Ottawa) web site.

Awesome, I am trying to find a link on the Vietnam embassy about the requirements for a DN visa. I wasn't sure if I could get a DN visa but I am definitely going to try now :)

Thank you so much

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