Looking for a job as an English teacher in Varna or private tutoring

I am a native English speaker and a BA English student, currently looking for an English teaching job either in schools or private tutoring in Varna. If anyone could help me and point me in the right direction as to where I can apply for such positions that would be great, thank you.

Still a student or have a bachelors? If you have your degree, check out the jobs link up top, last year the American High School of Bulgaria was looking for teachers and the posting is still there.

Without your degree--- check out Britannica and Varna English Academy. They are both on the pedestrian walkway- Britannica is above McDonalds. English Academy is (or was) across from the large fountain at the other end of the pedestrian area. (Near the cathedral).

I interviewed with both of them awhile back and they always seem to need young learner teachers. I didn't end up working with either of them because I was pregnant and they wanted a full year contract. Of the two, I preferred the atmosphere at English Academy better- it seemed a little more relaxed.

Thank you for taking your time out to reply!
I am still currently a student going into my final year! I live in the U.K. currently and I know my final year is going to go so fast, so I'm trying to gather as much information as I can. I've been trying to look for websites to do a TEFL course as I believe it's essential to have this qualification at the least, however I can only find American websites.. I'm so sorry I am new to this website, where are the links to these schools? And do you know when the best months are that schools start recruiting? My partner has moved to study in Varna so I could get him to enquire more into these places. Honestly thank you so much for your help, I feel more positive now haha!

The top center of the page, there is a link "JOBS" click on it and the ad for the American English academy should come up.

For the other two, just google search for Britannica Varna Bulgaria or Varna English Academy and you will find their websites easily enough.

For Britannica and English Academy, they were looking to hire me for the academic year (starting in September) but they may also hire for the new semester (Apply in December/January) and they also have summer camps so they might hire again around that time. Britannica taught brit English and I believe English Academy had both brit and American English (not certain). 

There is at least 1 TEFL course available in Sofia- not sure in Varna. I know Britannica offers extensive training for their teachers and may send you to a TEFL.

Got it! Thank you
However the ad for the American English academy is a year old? I will contact the school, I know I may be early as schools have already started but I just want to get all the information and research I need and where I would need to apply. I'm hoping to get a job as an English teacher by the following September, I'm doing my research as early as possible so I can know where to look for job opportunities. For Brittanica and English academy when was it that you enquired and how long before was it that they got back to you if you don't mind me asking?

It was a while ago (two years?)... I walked in and inquired, so they got back to me immediately. I dropped off a copy of my cv and for English Academy they scheduled an interview while I was there, Britannica called me a week later. Pretty quick turnaround. It was for employment that would have started the next week. (Check their websites for when their courses start).

I know, I believe I said the ad for Varna English School was a year old, but it still has their contact info to ask if they are hiring. Very few places advertise that they are hiring- you just have to go in and ask about it. (Or call or email).

Thank you so much for your help! I will begin researching more in depth and make an up to date CV! It will be tricky being in the UK not being able to go in myself to these schools however I shall contact them by email and see if I receive any feedback!

Keep in mind teachers don't make much in Bulgaria, even for private schools. I think 1,000 leva a month would be a good salary.

I will bare that in mind! Thank you, I haven't done as much research just yet however I have read too that the money is nowhere near the pay in England.

Hi Shabir,

Can you send me your resume and salary expectations?



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