Looking for family home furniture from January 2017?

Hi, we are leaving London in Jan 2017 if anyone is looking for a house of furniture (5 bedroom house - includes beds, TV, lounges, dining table, lots more) - all 12-18 months new.

When we came to London we found it a nightmare to get furniture. We accumulated some great, but reasonably priced gear over the time - but were surprised that it was hard to find an entire house from someone else (inevitably) leaving. This could make it a lot easier for you, to pick up a whole lot of stuff in one fell swoop!

Reach out if interested.

I'm not sure if this is the best place to advertise a house full of furniture. Have you placed an ad in the classifieds of this site?

But if I were in your position I'd probably be advertising locally in your own part of London or on online selling platforms.

filmackay :

Hi, we are leaving London in Jan 2017

Many areas in the UK have local free press or similar publications.
The quickest way to sell the lot is place what is usually a free or very cheap advert in one of these.

This is just one of many, and you could place a free advert on this forum in the classifieds section (Under 'handy tools') … oCnJ3w_wcB

You can find such modern design on any online portal or physical stores which trade in furniture. Since these online furniture stores have a different type of base. Online stores these days have more of trendy designs which utilize less space but still are efficient and strong enough for their purpose.

Some of the best stores are:

Hello, filmackay! You can actually have a beautiful home furniture inspired by You can choose many plan and designs.

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