Rock band


For some years I try to emigrate in an Anglo-Saxon countries to form a rock metal band. Of course, I sing in English and am a composer. French groups having not brought me anything "concrete" so far, my wish is to get involved with musicians more in line with my musical knowledge mainly Anglo-Saxon and Japanese but also with the northern European Culture (Celtic and Germanic) which has no more adept in France for a long time, neither in the tradition nor in the mind.

I am still very close and influenced by modern music (modern rock) and want to share my passion with Irish likely want to take a similar path. Obviously, given my age (50 years), it would be better that I touch musicians of my generation for ethical reasons and complicity (major harmony).

My English is not perfect but immersion is beneficial to me.

Also, a move in Ireland are not to be taken lightly, it will depend on the "serious" answers without any stiffness from me.

I know my ad is not common and it is with humility that I tried this experience. As long as there is life.........

Thank you.


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