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Hello everyone!

I posted last week about looking for an inexpensive house/apartment rental in Corozal.  So far, 110 people have looked at my post, but no one has answered!  I was hoping to get some input about rentals, even if no one has a rental to offer... such as... is the price of BZE 700 way too low?  I have read elsewhere that apartments are available in Corozal for less... is that true? 

I would love to hear something from people who live there... even if it is to say that there might be cheap rentals but not in safe areas, or just a little more info on the rental climate there...

Or maybe everyone who reads this forum already owns their own home?  Now I'm really curious and would love to hear more about Corozal, please!! 

Anyone??? I'm new to this forum so all comments will be greatly appreciated!

you find your best deal by being down there, people dont often post vacancies.  try googling what you are after.

The short answer is probably yes you could find a rental for BZ$700.00/Mo. But IMHO that would be an extremely good deal.

However, it may not be a place to your standards or comfort level (which I know is individual preferrence). It is important to realize the Belizean type homes often do not have the amenities that we are used to in Canada and the US. For your budget you may not get A/C, or hot water, or the security features that I prefer to have for comfort or piece of mind.

We pay BZ$1000.00/Mo. in a village outside of San Ignacio for a 2 bedroom, 1 bath, concrete construction home that ticked all of the boxes on our checklist.

As Katzgar mentioned in the previous comment, most rentals are not listed but rather spread by word of mouth. My experience is the listings that you do find are geared to expats and are often over priced. I have also found that we have always been able to find a suitable home with only a few days of looking.

I have not read your original post so I don't know if you are planning to move here or just require a place for a few months vacation. If moving, I recommend either coming the month before you move to find a place if your comfort level requires you have a place when you land. Or, based on my experience so far, I would come and stay in an inexpensive motel/hotel and start pounding the street looking for places. Be open with people that you are looking, and specifically what you are looking for. It is also a great help to look with a local friend if you know any, their contacts and knowledge of the local landscape is extremely valuable. Often inexpensive homes are cheaper for a reason that may not be apparent to the naked eye.

I have also found that in Belize, when starting out sometimes compromises are necissary. Find a place that is suitable rather than perfect. Rent that for as short a period as you can. That will give you time to spread the word of specifically what you are looking for, as well as some time to make those valuable local contacts.

Sorry I have little experience with Corozal specifically, but this is my general experience with house/apartment hunting in Belize.

the mennonite house builders are very busy right now.  you might contact them and ask about any vacancies

Thanks so much for these comments and ideas, we will apply the suggestions in our housing search...

If anyone else wants to weigh in, I will continue to look at the posts.

Much appreciated!  :) :)

Good Morning, I looked for rentals in Corozal town, and must say the rent was high for what was offered. We found rentals through the hairdresser, and a guy who owns a nursery. Basically it just comes down to asking around. I am in Punta Gorda now, and I pay $500 bzd for upstairs three bedroom. Beautiful tile, and Rosewood, north american style house, paved road, and about a half mile from the sea. Taxi drivers, and lawn care workers are another good source. You may also want to check out some of the near by villages? Rent is cheaper, and homes are available.

Where would be a clean, safe, low cost place to stay in Sarteneja, Belize, while looking for a 3-4 month cabana or cottage like accommodation?

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