New in Riyadh from south africa. Meeting English friends

Hi There

Just landed a weeks ago will be working here for a year, from South Africa and looking to meet some engligh speaking folks to learn more about the city and surounds.... Also some advice on where to stay and things to do

I will be there with in few weeks, i am also interested about Life style in Riyad and what to do other then working hours. Let me know if you get any news please. Take care ..

same here, will be there in few weeks, any advice or idea is more than welcome :)

Hi guys still waiting fir feedback , however I guess it's slow due to holidays

Go to the DQ September 24th and look for the Daisy as we will be having a breakfast picnic. Bring your own food or buy it at Kudu. Also, if you feel like exercising then be there at 7:00 for run, bike or Hike the DQ.

HI, am also quite new in the city. Anything social happenning before October? Cheers....


Please inbox what's app and we can get together . I am also new in Riyadh and exploring new places.
thank you

Hi there , pls send me your number and I will add you, still using Sa number for whatsapp so would like to make sure I add it correctly

yes Mr. Sandbaby

you are


I'm Usama live in Riyadh


Hi there I can't send you a message anyway if you wanna chat send me your number for whatsappp

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