Want to marry a Moroccan girl

Hi all.

I am after some help and advice please.
So I met this Moroccan girl whilst on holiday and we instantly fell for each other.
Obviously I was on holiday and now back in the uk, we spoke a lot and both agreed we want to marry each other.
So how do I start the ball rolling, as in going back and getting engaged or married and then the process of bringing her here to live with me in the uk!?

Thank you

I would contact the UK consulate website  or the American Consulate website and start gathering all the documents you need that ar ed listed there. I got married here in Morocco 5 years ago, but I am an American middle-aged previously divorced Christian woman. The critria is different.  Unlike Muslim men who can pretty much marry whom ever they choose, women in Morocco are forbidden to marry a non-Muslim.

So, First off, if you are not already a Muslim,  you are required by law  to convert. If that is not an acceptable situation, then I suggest you try to bring her to the UK and marry there where tnis may be avioded. In Morocco here Interesting point of fact: If a man  has a typically Muslim sounding name (example...Eunis Ibrams.....Tarik Nadar.....Allan Omar....)  he might slip through the cracks and not get asked about his religion.  But, I suggest you expect and be prepared for it.

Converting or obtaining proof of Muslim maybe something you can do in the UK just as easy as in Morocco

Have your fiancee Contact an Addoul in Morocco and he can verify the local requirements for her area. She can work on gatheting her own paperwork. It may take some travel if she ever moved from her city of birth. The requirements are generally the same everywhere,  but occasionally for people who live or intend to marry in the heavier traveled tourist areas, the local officials will add a few hoops to jump through that are not listed anywhere.  It really depends on if that person wants a bribe (or not) or if he is having a good/bad day. Generally a a few misplaced 200dh in the file goes a long way to getting things done easily. For the most part it is common sense stuff like employment papers/bank records, birth certificate,  divorce decree, criminal records check ( for everywhere you ever lived), health check (done in Morocco), multiple ID  photos (8, 10, 12 ???). All documents not in Arabic will need to be officially translated. Of course there is a statement of intentvto marry and a statement of the dowry (a must hav ed but there no specific minimum amount required)

Good luck with it

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