info documents to live and work in Malta

Good Day everybody,

I have few questions to ask and I hope somebody can help me.

I'm Italian live in South Africa with my South African wife. We would like to transfer in Malta to create our life in this amazing Island,

I have the Italian passport and my wife still with the south African one
Which documents do we need to transfer?
Which documents we need to work there?
If a member of my wife family want to join us to live and work which kind of visa is required?

Until now this is my questions I hope somebody can help me

Thank you in advance

Hi, which company movers choose for relocated in malta from south africa?

Hi Gaetano,

I suggest you read the Living in Malta guide to gather as much information as possible.

As for the moving companies, till you get some feedbacks, you may request a free quote from our moving partner here : Moving to Malta.

All the best,

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