looking for people to hang out in Berlin

Hi, I'm Thess (28), because of occupational reasons I had to move back tho Germany from Stockholm... Now I'm a German in Berlin, but feeling like an expat... I would love tho meet English speaking people to hang out and make friends with! I don't know anyone in Berlin, so if you are new in Berlin too and need a friend, please contact me😉!
Greets thess

Hey Tessa, kind of same here..was living in London for the past 5 years..
Would be great to meet up! I just moved about 2 months ago..and trying to meet expats :)

Hej anita, thanks for your message! London is really nice...I've been there two times! Butt just on a weekend trip😉. Cool tho find someone who is in the same situation... Do you have Facebook? I think the expat messenger is quite complicated for texting.

I'm not in Berlin, but I wish you the best on finding new friends :)

Greetings from Freiburg im Breisgau

Wonderful City, It's great to explore while making new friends

Hi am also new in Berlin,,we can be friends and hangout sometimes visits different places in berlin

Is this conversation still active? I would like to hang out as well.

Hi Tessa, I'm Toufik, presently living and working in Dubai, I'm not in Germany now, but I'm planning to come over there next month, for the 2nd time to spend some days, during my vacation, right now my visa is under process, let's see what will be the status hhhh, So I will be great full to enjoy my leave and meet expat peoples  :cool: Just give me a sign if you are interested.

Loved in Berlin several years.  Would like to learn current status of monuments in Berlin.

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