Contemplating a job offer


I was offered a job as a English teacher at Al Rashad British Private School. If anyone has heard of it and could give me a little more information, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much in advance!

The job is a fake if it's the one also offered to me. Does the name Kabir Mohamed Ali sound familiar? Did you have a Skype interview with only voice and no image? Were you instructed to send money up front for visa fees amounting to 6320 AED? (illegal in the UAE and contrary to common practice) To the Al Fahidi Travel and Tourism Company? If this sounds familiar, I must warn you the job is a scam. The email applied to was "alrashadbrtish" as opposed to "alrashadbritish"? Stay away! I nearly fell for it, but fortunately I didn't. DO NOT SEND MONEY!

Thank you so much for responding. The name, interview are the same luckily he (they) didn't ask for money (probably because i started asking questions about accommodation, school calendars, permanent address and implied my older cousin would be staying with me for a while, should i accept it).  I was waiting for a response from here/ the embassy before accepting it though because of the red flags.
Thanks again for saving me from a nightmare.

Yeah I just got a job offer and laughed when I saw the salary $6,560... Wouldn't that be great?! lol  :dumbom:

Oh and the fact that they didn't even want to have an interview with me was a huge red flag, wuuuuut?!

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