want to marry who has banned from Malaysia


I have a Iranian fiance and we had plan to marriage but unfortunately our marriage process has been go through only half way cause the officer of  JPN said his visa gonna expired soon so they couldn't process unless he go immigration to renew visa ??? But we just don't understand cause the visa yet expired !!!! and how to renew and there is at least a week valid date.... anyhow sort of story!! In the he has 5 years banned from immigration for overstayed... I have a child from him and we tried to get marriage even in his country but Malaysia will withdraw my pp so again we just gave up the process in his country..the reason why I want him to come back cause my child is looking for his father all the time espeacilly when my boy saw other kids with their father and is really sad for a father and son to be apart!!! And we want our boy to grown in a healthy family!! What should I do to bring him back or shorten the period of banned??? I really need advise if you have any!!
million thanks in advance

Malaysian immigration is quite strict, as are the immigration departments in most countries so it doesn't surprise me to hear that JPN are also very strict. If a foreigner wishes to visit Malaysia for just a holiday they need to have at least six months validity on their passport before it expires. I know someone who arrived at an airport in Europe, had less than six months remaining ion his passport, and was not allowed to board the plane.

So I guess that having just one week remaining is going to be a problem for your fiance. The JPN are usually quite strict. If your finance will have a problem coming to Malaysia of course you could both meet him in Singapore.

I'm curious about why they would withdraw your passport if you married in Iran. My wife lived in the US for 8 years, became a PR and no issues with Malaysia immigration or discussion of status in Malaysia being jeopardised. The only issue we had was opening an investment account while being an American PR, but she planned on giving up her green card anyway. But we even shown Malaysian immigration her green card as part of the evidence that our marriage was legit and took a copy of the application with us and they want copies of a few pages (of the evidence we supplied, not the application).

From what I understand, Malaysia doesn't allow dual citizenship so if you were planning on becoming an Iranian citizen, then it's true. I know several Malaysian women, and one man who became US citizens and they lost their Malaysian passports. But of course they were able to get US passports in their place. But marriage to an Iranian shouldn't make you an Iranian citizen and living in Iran on a spouse visa wouldn't either.

Unless there's something I don't know or understand I am thinking that you got bad information about losing your Malaysian passport. Would you consider going to Iran to be with your child's father and get married there?


Well I been Iran n go through the marriage procedure there n unfortunately Iran immigration will send my pp to Malaysia embassy and they will issue me citizenship in the same time and as you know Malaysia will not accept dual pp so that's a reason why Malaysia embassy won't return my pp once I go through the process!!! It's really ridiculous you know.....

Yeah you are right but the only issue that he has was the visa valid for 1 week nothing related to his pp valid....

Okay, I learned something new. Iran will grant citizenship immediately upon marriage and take your passport and send it back. In my post I said that marrying an Iranian in Iran shouldn't make you an Iranian citizen, but I was WRONG on that. Oh different their laws are from Malaysia, I'm married to a Malaysian, and it could take 10 years or more to become a PR and no hopes on becoming a citizen. Then in the US you can become a PR (temporary for two years) immediately upon marriage, but need to wait about 2 or 3 years to become a citizen. But in the US becoming a citizen is completely voluntary, and you don't have to do it. 

In that case I understand your situation, and it's a tough one. Don't have an answer for you.

Agree. It's a very tough situation for you. Personally I think I would prefer to keep Malaysian citizenship rather than give it up for an Iranian passport.

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