Hello All,

We're packing everything up for the big drive down in the next week or two. My wife has been reading on one of the expat Facebook sites about using plastic containers for clothes, bedding, etc. to prevent them from molding. I was just thinking of using our suitcases since we're bringing them anyway.

Packing suggestions, please?


If you store your clothes and linens in plastic containers/bags, make absolutely sure everything is VERY, VERY dry. We have regular closets and dressers. Our place is surrounded by jungle with pretty high humidity, but we have doors and windows on all sides of the house to create lots of airflow. We have no mould issues with our clothes and linens. Stuff can get a bit musty smelling if not used for a while. I line dry our laundry, but in rainy season, I love my dryer. Safe drive down! We just drove a couple of weeks ago.

Thanks Brigitte!

I'd love to hear more about your drive since this is our maiden voyage. We'll be driving our old RV with 4 dogs from California. Planning to cross in Nogales, AZ. We'll RV park hop down the west coast to about Guadalajara then cut across to Veracruz and take the east coast the rest of the way.

CAtoBZ - I've sent you a private message.

I'd also love to hear of your voyage as we also plan a trip down there but wasn't sure what would be best route. Keep intouch, thanks

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Everyone knows that there are websites that tells the most dangerous and the less dangerous driving routes thorough Mexico right?  Please be aware !

Hello Brigitte B,

Can you please send me a message about your trip also.

I'm planning a drive down in October.


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