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hello! my name is shahd and im thinking about going to the university of Jordan, my mom is from Jordan and went there..but I'm not sure how i will accommodate to life in an arab country. i have been to Jordan several times but i always just spend time with family so I'm not sure how "outside" life is there. Is there anyone who goes there or attended the university that could help me out
Or any americans /english speaking people that could give me advice

Which infos whould u like to know?

whats it like going to university it hard to find roommates? is there dorming? I have tried to call the university it self but no one answers

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I have troubles too to understand your message and what you exactly want to know.

The area around the Jordanian university is full of apartments for students. Not only that but also cafés,  fast food restaurants etc.
The university itself it's huge. There are many faculties and the students are divers and international.
I studied there for two semesters Arabic and I enjoyed every minute that I spend there.

I live kind of near there and like primadonna said there are tons of apartments for students and the campus is nice.  There are a ton of cafés and restaurants around there that I like to go to ,they are super inexpensive  and good :).  Walked around the University one day and saw more than a few Americans. I was in a class once with a girl  (in the usa) that studied arabic there for a year and she loved it.  Not sure what you are looking to study, but maybe through a college in the USA you could do a study abroad for a year there if you didn't want to commit to all 4 years there.  I'm old and married and living in Jordan is quite of an adjustment from the USA, but definitely a positive experience. Wish I'd studied abroad a bit in college myself!  Hope some college students are on here to give you some good advice.

The universities in Jordan are closed till next sanday 18.09.16.... we have finished the sommer semester and there is a vocation for eid al adha.
Good luck

I just hope you have excellent Arabic language skills, reading and writing. Even if the class presentation and assignments are in English, EVERYTHING else is going to be in Arabic (i.e. classroom discussion). You are going to miss out on a lot, unless your Arabic is good.

If you need anything in Amman please let me help you :-)

Do you mean that there are not degrees that one can study in English language only (lectures given by the professors in English)???

I mean that the classroom discussion will inevitably be in Arabic, as the majority of students first language is Arabic. Of course there are always exceptions, but this is my experience.

I apologize for saying "presentation" in my first post, I should have said "lecture".

Ok, I understand! What did you study at Jordan University??

I didn't study at Jordan University. I inquired about the nursing program and pharmacology program at University of Jordan, and one other government university and one private university. I was assured by administration that my Arabic skills would not be an issue for me in the classroom. But, after speaking to several students in both programs, I realized that it was going to be too much of a challenge.

I am not trying to discourage. I am just trying to make him aware, so he doesn't walk onto campus thinking it is going to be anything like a campus in the US. I am a very literal person, if someone tells me "it's in English", to me it means "it is ALL in English". I have gotten myself into precarious situations over a 6 year period trying to work at an "international" school, and company.

If your experience is different, please let me know.............I have a lot of time on my hands when I am in Jordan. I'd love to get my PharmD.

Thank you, Sherri, for the information. I understand your frustration, which I have to admit, it does discourage me a bit, but do not feel responsible for that.
Your info matters to me because I am also considering studying at the University of Jordan myself.
I just arrived in Amman a month ago and haven't visited the University yet as I am in the process of settling at the moment.
I checked the university's website though and I saw that there are degrees offered in English. But, as you said, I was wondering if the whole process of studying and attending classes e.c.t. is designed to satisfy the needs of nonArab speaking students as well ( I do not speak Arabic).

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If anyone needs any help, It'll be my pleasure to offer it :)

I think English courses will not be an issue, as everyone is wanting to practice. Even if there were discussion in Arabic, it would be brief. I know an English major from JU. I will check with them and get back with you.

I did not mean English literature courses. What I meant is various degrees in English language. In the past, I studied political science. Now I am interested in studying Middle East Politics and history.
Anyway, it wouldn't be a bad idea if you ask your friend. Thank you!

I think you shouls ask direct the department of politics sience.... and i am sure this will be tought in arabic.

Thanks mohdq!! Yes, I will visit the university anyway - they were closed these days due to Eid. I hope I will find what I am looking for.

Keti Tsami :

Thanks mohdq!! Yes, I will visit the university anyway - they were closed these days due to Eid. I hope I will find what I am looking for.

maybe you should do this quickly if you would like to register for this semester.... the registration procedure is now open and will closed up to next week

good luck

Thank you!

Hi! I currently live in Canada and I wanna study dentistry at uni of Jordan.  I'm Arab so I can speak and write at basic level, how is the curriculum? I'm thinking of going this September. Thanks

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Best is to Google and search for the Jordan university to find out.

i hope this will help you

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