Meeting and gathering in Riyadh :)

Hi to everyone!!
I am sunny new to Riyadh. I am muslim Canadian.
Just came to Riyadh a week ago. I will be working here with STC engineering contract.

Will love to meet new people and do networking.
I don't know anyone here besides my company people.
It will be nice to meet someone and engage in friendly time.

Please let me know if this idea of meet up ignites any good thoughts and if someone will love to arrange a group meeting.

Hope to hear from you guys soon.

Please email me if any one is interested

See yeah soon :)

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September 24th 7 AM at the KUDU in the DQ we will be meeting for Run, hike bike the DQ and 9 AM we will be having a breakfast picnic. Bring your own food or buy at the kudu.

Looking forward for this

Hi Friends. me to new here ,2 weeks ago reached in Riyadh. I would love to hangout with good mates. Thank u.

Where did you moved from ? Welcome
This is my first week here in Riyadh

Thank you for your concern. Yes I'm from Pakistan. Living in industrial area. After Holidays 1st priority is find a job.

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