How to buy a car in Guayaquil Ecuador?

I need to know how can i buy car in guayaquil ecuador and for buy car need to have ecuadorian residency ?
Another question is can i with 180 days visa(12-ix) buy car ?

Hello Abbas Maki and welcome on board :cheers:

Do you have a valid licence to be able to drive in Ecuador please?

You may find out about having a valid driving licence and more about transportation in Ecuador in our below section of the forum while waiting for members to tip in :top:

> Cars Ecuador, Transportation in Ecuador

Care to share some more about yourself? What brings you to Guayaquil please?

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Thank you so much, i came to guayaquil ecuador beacuase here is cheap and very easy can take residency also beautiful

You can buy a car in Ecuador, but Kenjee implies a good point -- you may only be able to drive it temporarily, until you (a) get a residency visa, followed by a cédula .. (b) go through the hoops involved in obtaining an EC drivers license.

I’d recommend you do steps (a) and (b) before buying 'new wheels.’


If you do end up buying, keep in mind that it’s widely recommended to buy a vehicle that has not been overly exposed to salt air.

If the previous owner(s) lived in the highlands, you may be able to avoid corrosion problems related to coastal-driven cars.


Thank you CCCMEDIA in the fact i want buy jeep wrangler or willys for offroad!!!
Also i very like hunting but do'nt know about hunting law in ecuador!!!
Please if know help

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