Filipina Getting married. How to get permanent visa?

Hello ,
I am darling i just new here in france im getting married in october i am confused becoz i dont know what and where i go after the wedding my husband to be is not permanently living here....

what i want to know do i need to go back to my country to get a longstay visa or i can get it here after the wedding....?

Help me to find a way or an answer.....highly appriaceted your help..


Hello and welcome on board Darling :cheers:

While waiting for somebody to share some info, I invite you to browse through threads in the following section of the forum to read some experiences shared about marriage in France for foreigners.

> Formalities and procedures in France


Thank very much.....

Hello, normally after the wedding you need to exit France before your current visa expired and apply for a longstay visa, then re-enter France.  :)

Hello Darling I'm a Filipino living in France 2 years next month. I been meet many Filipino married French. I think you need to go back in Philippines and get long stay visa there. When you go back to France , you need to go OFII near your place and they ask you papers before you get permanent visa. I hope it will helps

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