Thinking about moving.

So I'm living at the end of the world (sarcastic) in a city called Boa Vista Roraima. Been having real difficulties finding a job. I'm here for almost 5 years, went through all the documentation process so all is well on legalization ( the law complicates everything) , so I thought one down one to go. Now I can't find a job nooooo where, other than dishonest people trying to exploit me. Any suggestion on a state /city that has employment opportunities?

Hi there,
I would say your going to find its the same way everywhere, in brazil and its going to get worse

So frustrating  :(

There's so much potential in this country, you just have to be in control of what every you want to do here,
the part of rio where I live, most things are done or run really bad, so all you have to do it better than a Brazilian and your 1/2 ways there

Hi! What sort of job are you looking for? Skills and qualifications?

Ah, my wife and I just moved from Boa Vista last December. I like the city a lot, but job are more difficult to find. If we still lived there, i would try to help

Working on it but Roraima is so small there's nothing much here.

Secondary education completed, currently studying pedagogy,worked in the past as a CSR  Rep. With my situation right now any legal offer will do be good.  :)

Yeah not easy here, but thanks anyways. I actually ride around this city all day searching something,even online too but nothing only things I find is perverts trying to help me with second intentions.

I fell sorry for you, and know what your going throw, but for foreigners in Brazil its very difficult, because Brazilians don't really employ us,

That's true but I'm determined to make it.

Good well done, then you need to be your own boss, you need to start your own business here

:D  not a bad idea

There are three kinds of people :
those who make it happen,
those who watch what happens,
and those who wonder what happen
you have to decide if your number 1 2 or 3
the only thing that stops you, is your self

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