How to terminate visa from previous employer?

How to terminate the visa that is valid for 3 years under the previous employer. Can i use the same visa to apply for a new job? Pls help

You cannot use the existing visa to apply for another job. All visas are employer specific.

If a resign from my employer would that automatically cancels my visa from my employer?  What if another employer hires me should they be the one apply a visa for me? Please enlighten me. Thank you so much.

Your employer should apply to have you visa cancelled. You need to chase them up to make sure this happens.
Any future employer will have to apply for a new visas for you.
The new visa will have to be issued in your home country.

What if my employer will not agree to have it cancelled would that mean i cant get another work. Is there a way i can file it my self because i resigned. What would be the consequence? Thank you stumpy..

By law your present employer does not have the right to say they will not cancel your visa as long as you have not breached the terms of your employment contract.

If you have another job to go to then ask your new employer to have the old visa cancelled.

You could approach the relevant government office and ask them.

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