Investing in a Brazilian business

Hi all,

Firstly thanks for all the great information that has been contributed in this forum, it has been invaluable for my Brazilian adventures.  I am an Aussie with Brazilian partner and have lived in RJ & SP in 2015 however now back in Aus.

I am about to invest in a business in SP and need some advice on what is required in regards to both documentation to register as a business owner/partner as a non-resident, and also registering of foreign capital coming into Brazil.

If anyone has some tips, guides/resources or even contact information for an accountant with experience in this area I would be very grateful.

Muito Obrigado,

Hi there
Don't of it,
Buy the business out right, or start your own, but don't go into a partnership business, unless you have a bigger then 50% stake
the one thing ive found about living in brazil, all Brazilians over estimate they business, and everything else by 50% or more
Just look in OXL, and see how much everything is over priced
most  of all business here in brazil  are on there knees at the moment and its going to get worse, so unless your going to stealing the business, I would not do it

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