Hi everyone. I'm looking for something to do to keep myself busy.
If you've got work to be done, (babby sitting, shopping, filing....) drop me a line. Wage : None!! Am starting classes on the 7th of Jan, which will be running monday to friday from 1130hrs to 1300hrs. I'll be free all afternoons. It's not a joke, watching t.v is getting on my nerves and I gotta stay active mentally.

Did you find something so far ?

Why not try the National Theatre -opposite the Norfolk hotel and the professional centre on parliament road- there are plays almost on  daily basis.

There is lots to do in Nairobi. What are you interested in?

Work work work!

Hey; ring me on this number and we can plan a trip out and enjoy to keep your mind busy busy. 0737809896.Thanks

Excuse me? Expound on that please.

Hello members,

I think it is time to organize an Expat-Blog meet up in Nairobi. What do you think? Just pick up a date & a convenient location and I am sure there will be lot of positive responses that will flow ;)

Did u get sth to keep u busy...I'm looking for a babysitter for afternoons (3 to 6) and possibly during the holidays.

@ msupayuleyule > This topic is quite old (2011). If you are looking for a job, it is best that you post in the jobs in Nairobi section. I also advise you to choose your category carefully and to put the maximum details in your ad. ;)

Good luck,


HI never heard of someone who doesn't want to get paid.  But please introduce yourself, what is your background what can you do?

i have a background in accounting,i just need something to occupy my time since i have a parttime job which i only do on monday for 2 hrs
the rest of the time am always idle ,doing an extra job could be a way of getting great exposure, trying out new things and meeting new people
i just do not want to stay idle its draining my brain cells

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